A Love Letter to Tinned Fish.

A Love Letter to Tinned Fish



NOT all tinned fish are created equal.

You can ask anyone who works on the team at Hart & Cru. Conservas–better known as tinned fish–are a Hart & Cru way of life. Every week, we incorporate these tins into our snacking and meals, whether it’s at work or at home. 

Along the way, we’ve found numerous ways to enjoy them and that's the entire purpose of this blog–to share them with you!

First, what are tinned fish and why are we so obsessed with them? Conservas are a European method of preserving fish in oil for later enjoyment. All of our conservas are from Island Creek Oysters, a company in Duxbury, Massachusetts that puts its soul into selling sustainably caught seafood. While their tin lineup comes from all over, our lineup features tinned fish from both the Spanish and Portuguese coasts. 


So how do you eat tinned fish??

Sure, eat those fishies and olive oil right out of the can. But if you want to step up your game, here’s what we would do.


Just add toast!

Seriously. Start with a slice of crusty sourdough. Spread with unsalted butter or a drizzle of the olive oil from the tin. Layer Basque Anchovies or Grilled Razor Clams over the top (or literally ANY of the other tins!) and sprinkle with a little finishing salt. 

Bruschetta (Broo-skeh-ta)

Take things a step further and smear the toast with a scoop of aioli for added richness. Top with Galician Mussels in Pickled Sauce or GueyuMar Grilled Sardine Tails. Either way, it’ll have you dreaming of the Spanish coast. 

Caesar Dressing

Replace anchovy paste with these whole Basque Anchovies to add that briny bite. Use a couple more whole anchovies on the top of the salad for a true Caesar. Try this recipe!


Nonna-Style Spaghetti 

Strain the pasta and save a little bit of the pasta water. Empty contents of the Pinhais Conservas Sardines in Tomato Sauce into the same pot and warm until just simmered. Toss the pasta into the sauce and drizzle with your best olive oil and perhaps some chili flakes and herbs. Simple. Delicious. Nonna style. 


Sicilian Pasta

This recipe for Pasta Con le Sarde is a team favorite. Using classic ingredients of the island of Sicily, this dish incorporates fennel, saffron, raisins, anchovies and pine nuts resulting in a complex pasta that will absolutely transport you. 

Spanish Tuna Melt

Combine Olasagasti Yellowfin Tuna, mayo, piquillo peppers or capers, a little red onion, and paprika (bonus points if it's smoked) in a bowl. Divide the mixture onto slices of bread, top with some manchego, and broil until crisp. 

Big Green Salad

Lots of arugula, olives, jarred peppers, or capers, Olasagasti Yellowfin Tuna Belly, paprika, and a hefty squeeze of lemon. Add a six-minute jammy egg if you’re feeling fancy (and have the time!) Finish with sea salt. 


Panzanella a la Pulpo 

Dry the Gueyumar Grilled Octopus, but save the olive oil! Quickly sear the octopus on the grill or in a saute pan. Toss with herbs, citrus, the olive oil from the tin and any combination of tomatoes, potatoes, olives, and torn day-old bread. Season with sea salt and paprika. Let this sit for a couple minutes to allow bread to absorb the dressing. Trust us on this one- it's GOOD. 


You've heard us say it before, and you'll hear us say it again: 

What grows together goes together. 

Considering all these tinned fish hail from the ocean, it’s only natural to drink wines from the coast along with them. Here are wines we love with conservas! 






Our conservas allow you to travel through the lens of coastal seafood while still eating and shopping sustainably. These tins give you options in the kitchen and versatility. We just CAN'T get enough of them!

Our suggestion? Take a couple tins on a picnic with a bottle. Make a charcuterie of seafood tins with aioli, hot sauce, capers, pickles, crackers and toast points.

Ultimately, just have fun in the kitchen and with your wine pairings! 


by Brittany Marsh - the Cru - HART & CRU