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Experience an incredible bottle of wine hand-picked by us—Sommelier Kevin Hart & Cru. We find the best producers, regions, varietals and styles to share from all over the world, delivered to you. From benchmark juice to discovering your new favorites, we’re here to help you love what you drink and learn what you love.

Hart & Cru Memorial Wine Delivery and Wine Store

The start of the season of barbecues, patio (distance) hangouts, porch sipping & sun-drenched days is nearly here! We’ve curated a new GRILL OUT section on the website with our favorites so you can stay stocked all summer long. Local delivery available. From all of the Cru: be well, drink well & remember that SPF. ☀️



“Kevin Hart is helping to change the way consumers think about and experience wine. He is wholeheartedly fighting the good fight about the wine in Mid-America.”

Rajat Parr, Winemaker / Sommelier / Co-author, Secrets of the Sommeliers and The Sommelier’s Atlas of Taste

In Khaledi’s mind, winemaking “is a community of progressive thinkers that have the ability to exchange ideas with one another—we all take care of each other.” 


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“When Kevin Hart shares wine and the secrets of a place or craft, he is actually igniting a firework of feelings and emotions. His rousing passion and genuine enthusiasm may be second only to his savvy skills and endless research.

There are few people I would want to walk vineyards with as much as this young man. Kevin is truly one of a kind and I wish you will be fortunate enough to embrace a discovery journey with him.”

Giuseppe Vaira, G. D. Vajra