Hart & Cru Corkscrew Cartailler-Deluc


We have spent years enjoying bottle after bottle, (and glass after glass) with friends. We can conclude that glassware plays the leading role in our enjoyment of wine. As farmers stand behind their life’s work of crafting fruit, the Wine Glass continues this respect for their passion. We believe the best stemware can amplify the wine’s voice to its highest degree.

Winemaker is to grapes as stemware is to wine. Hart & Cru presents two hand-blown glassware makers we believe are best in their class.


Zalto wine glasses are produced by a storied, Austrian family using only the most highly-skilled glass blowers. Their unique designs are produced by the finest artisans and are crafted for cloudless, durable and feather-light stems and decanters. The shape of the Zalto wine glass bowl was designed with high aspirations, seeking both aesthetic perfection and the elevation of the wine-drinking experience. Each “bowl” is designed in a shape that enhances the taste and aroma of its associated varieties. Zalto is well-loved by the press and restaurateurs worldwide, and especially by Hart & Cru.

Pricing Ranges from $57 - $63 per Glass.

Sold by the single glass



We are constantly searching for the finest wines and accessories for our clients, always with a focus on elevating your experience and offering the highest quality. Also we prize bringing you the best new products we discover. Recently Food & Wine named Glasvin one of the best products of the year, which peaked our interest. These hand blown beauties are designed to be worthy of a 5 star-restaurant, but meant for everyday drinking. Their shapely bowls and thin stems, result in a lightweight glass that puts all of the focus on the wine.

Pricing Ranges from $33 - $40 per Glass.

Sold in sets of 2 glasses