The Good & The Great of Olive Oil

Olio Extra Vergine d’Oliva

Finding the olive oil to suit your taste and culinary explorations can be difficult; particularly when there’s an endless range of mass-produced and commercial styles available. It’s so easy to find yourself overwhelmed when facing the enormous selection at the grocer. Sound familiar? Olive oil and wine bear more similarities than you’d think.

There is good and then, there is great olive oil. We suggest the good quality for salad dressings and frying. For the great quality, particularly estate bottled—they deserve a higher calling. An extra virgin olive oil derived by one grower denotes a hands-on approach and a sense of place. There is no doubt you can decipher this expression when you’ve tasted it. In the kitchen and at the table, there are infinite possibilities for great olive oil. As you’ll find in countless Mediterranean regions, the oil really comes into its own when drizzled over warm foods. Food is suddenly alive with an opulent bathing of pure flavor. It’s the best season for using Extra Virgin olive oil on everything, perhaps even dessert. We also love this because it’s a sauce without the labor of making a sauce. Here are some small production oils from producers we really love for the summer.