We are lucky to still be in business and continue our wonderful connections with you. Every now and then, life reminds us of good times past. That’s where you come in—our ongoing source of inspiration and energy. One of our beloved friends of Hart & Cru recently reached out to us with an amusing story of their travels, and so we’ve shared it below. 

**** Couples names changed for privacy ;) 

“I remembered a time about 25 years ago when Maggie and I were in Italy with my parents and siblings. One night in the hotel about an hour before we were ready to go meet everyone for dinner, Maggie was getting ready to jump in the shower and I suggested I run down to the bar to get us a glass of wine to drink while we were getting ready. Maggie was into California Chardonnays so I asked the bartender if he had any white wine he would serve by the glass…..well he started talking to me while he was wiping off glassware and lining them up on the bar.

He was telling me that the French claim they invented wine but that’s totally wrong. He said they might have invented Champagne but the Italians invented wine. Then he started opening up bottles of wine. I didn’t notice that when he was done cleaning the glasses, he was lining up 6 glasses in two side-by-side rows. Then he poured a different white wine (6 in total) into the two rows of glasses. He gave me the first one and he took its mate and he started talking about the wine. We drank that one and he went on to the next set of glasses and a different white wine. Long story short, he and I had 6 small glasses of wine in about 40 minutes and then he said – “okay, which one would you like to take to your room?”. When I got back to the room, Maggie was sitting on the bed with that look that only a slightly aggravated spouse can give you….But it was a really good glass of wine.”

The above story was delivered in an email and ended with said Hart & Cru client inspiring himself to order some new Italian whites. We loved the story so much that we want to share it with you. We’ll play Italian bartender and pour some cheerful hospitality into your glass. The world of wine is vast, overwhelming at times—we know this, and we’ve got you covered. We’ll pick a case or a flight we know you’ll love. Admittedly, choosing new gems for you to taste is music to our ears.  As you can see by the photo we have fearlessly taken on the hard work by travelling and tasting all these bottles for you—someone had to do it! 

Wine is a means of travel; it takes you on a journey. We know many of you have had to cancel trips, vacations, domestic and abroad. Wine is a method of alleviating frustrating times, delivering you to a small corner of coastal Italy or a bistro in the south of France via a stemmed wine glass. 

Give us a ring, send an email, share your travel stories with us. It keeps us going as much as it does you. Cheers.