Didier Meuzard, Ratafia de Bourgogne

Didier Meuzard, Ratafia de Bourgogne

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Variety: Pinot Noir and Gamay

bottle size: 750ml

 It’s stories like these that we love to learn and share. Didier Meuzard grew up in Burgundy; at a young age he was already climbing the corporate ladder far from home. After the feeling of burning out got to him, he consulted his doctor and was hastily told to make a quick career change. The change happened when he was walking through the square in his hometown where he came across an old man loading a still will the grape must from the harvest for use in distilled spirits. After questions and tasting, Didier soon was enamored with the entire process; the old man invited him to work the still job over the next couple days. It so happened that Didier had his career change using the old man’s 19th century still allowing the old man to retire. Didier took all the knowledge he could from the man, ultimately transitioning his uncle’s old farmhouse into a home base for distilling and ageing his ratafia.

Didier set out to reimagine the idea of ratafia from start to finish, starting with grape pomace and must from natural growers only. His decision was to make a red ratafia, not the white expression, which is custom for Burgundy. He took it a step further by making his ratafia gentler and more elegant, instead of the typical harsh expression. For his version, he vinifies Pinot Noir and Gamay like he is making red wine. Before fermentation begins and without the addition of sulfur, tanks are placed outside to extend the maceration process while simultaneously keeping yeasts from activating. When the first sign of fermenting begins, he presses the grapes, and adds his own eau de vie; two thirds grape must, one third spirit. The spirit kills the yeast while keeping the integrity of the natural fruitiness of the juice. The mixture goes into enameled tanks for several months followed by hand-bottling. Wonderful for dessert or on its own, and as Didier suggests, slightly cold. It will stay good for several months after opening.

The eel on the label is an ode to the maker’s mark on the old man’s still that Didier inherited—you know, the one dating back to 1860.



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